No Video Post Beep 1 Long 3 Short Pause 1 Short

This is a brand new build, just received the parts today. I can not get the thing to post though. I have brand new RAM, CPU,and PSU. I reset the BIOS. Only running one RAM chip.

Board is ASUS F1A75-M
CPU is AMD A4-3300 AD33000JGXBOX
Ram in first slot is Corsair 4GB CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9
Any suggestions?

Following beep codes

Originally 1 long and 3 short - GPU error
Now 1 long 3 short pause 1 short - ???

I am stumped I have looked around for the meaning of the beep codes and I have gotten what is above I don't know if is a power issue or a bad component I have tried all 4 stick of ram in the #1 slot I have removed and replaced the heatsink with new thermal paste. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW this is the second board i had I had to RMA the first one since it did the same thing this one is doing PLEASE HELP
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  1. BTW I have tried the paper clip test that is described on toms and the psu seems to be working fine the case fan and psu fan powered right up. I have also reset cmos as described in the manual. I also ran through the checklist on toms of common problems for no video. This is the APU so it should have onboard video i was wondering if I needed a video card to get video I dont know so confused
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