Need Help With a GPU and PSU

Hi first time poster but ive lurked around for quite some time. Ive finally decided that i would like to upgrade my computer but ill be the first to say my knowledge of these kinda things is pretty bad lol. Reading around that i need to upgrade the power supply and graphics card in my computer and id love some help/advice.

My computer is a Gateway DX4710-05 specs here

I mainly play WoW cataclysm and Starcraft 2 but thats mostly because more the recent games dont support the onboard graphics card in my system. My budgets around $250. I just want to get the best possible card and power supply that could maybe run wow on ultra or high and just be able to play other games with a decent framerate. Any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok thanks.
  2. So i was asking around and someone suggested

    Wondering would that possibly work on my PC?
  3. I don't see how his quad is a problem. Is that not enough .
  4. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. The Q6600 isnt a bad processor, would be better if he could overclock it but he cant because it is a Gateway. His PSU is a 300 watter so an upgrade would be needed.
    Doesnt look to bad, I am not to familer with CoolerMaster's PSU's to tell you if it is good or not. You would also need to check if your computer will fit an ATX PSU, some manufactures use a special size PSU built to only fit in that system. I dont think Gateway is one of them though.
  6. Another chart: --> :bounce:
  7. I suppose its alright if it cant max out SC2. I just want to get the best possible graphics card and power supply i can that'll work with my comp on my budget. The integrated card on it is really a killer. Cant even attempt to play anything else till i get a new card. So if you guys know of any or have any thoughts on what i could or should get id appreciate it. I dont wanna order somthing i cant use or anything.
  8. Here is a combo to consider:

    Combo ;)
  9. Thats great and right around what i wanted to spend. Will a Pci 2.1 work on this system tho. Dont mean to keep asking tons of questions but id rather be safe then sorry lol.
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