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Where can I find the connector hardware to mate a newer micro atx gigabyte AMD3 motherboard with the older Dell 2600 micro computer case front panel wiring. I can follow the wiring identifications OK. Looking for 'plug-in' hardware to match these items.joe[at]
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  1. Not sure where you can find specific connectors to match your motherboard. I also ran into that situation with an older Dell case. Using a jewelers screwdriver, I carefully removed the wiring from the Dell connector, carefully wrapped the ends of each wire in electrical tape, and just connected each wire to the appropriate port on the motherboard.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thank you Wolf. Your solution matches mine so far. Not having jewelers tools, I used a small sharp pocket knife. Some things were just not meant to be done for you. Just need to do it yourself. Thanks, Joseph
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