Ati radeon hd 5450 compared to nvidia

i want a good gaming computer and I was just wondering what is better to use between the graphics cards
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  1. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. The 5450 is a very weak card. The Nvidia equivilant would be the Geforce 6800, 7300GT GDDR3, and 7600GS. If you give us a budget, resolution, and what it will be used for, we will be better able to help you.

    Here's a hierarchy of all the graphics cards for you to compare:,2834-7.html
  2. It is more of a multimedia card than a gaming card. Yes, you can play games with it but it is very weak.

    Without knowing anything else about your PC, I recommend buying the HD 4670 for $55 after rebate + $5 shipping. It is equivalent to the HD 5570 which is still considered to be a multimedia card by today's standards. The HD 4670 was considered a very good mainstream gaming card when it first came out.

    Stretching your budget just a little bit more will get you the HD 5670 for $60 after rebate + $7 shipping. It is about 25% - 30% more powerful than the HD 4670 (HD 5570) for $7 more.

    See following review which includes gaming benchmarks for the HD 5450, HD 5570, and HD 5670 (amongst others):

    The cheapest HD 5450 is $35 + 6 shipping at However, if gaming is important to you then I would suggest saving up more money for one of the I cards I suggested (the HD 5670 is the best bang for the buck). Otherwise, you will most likely regret your decision and will end up spending more money on a video card soon after you buy the HD 5450.
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