Will This CPU take The M5a97 for Bios update? Need quick answer

I just bought this.

For the M5a97 AM3+ board. Will this recognize it in order for a bios update? Thanks. I seen someone do it for an MSI 970 and it passed, even though it wasn't listed on the their CPU specifications site.
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  1. AMD Sempron 145 Sargas
    That Sempron 130 is not in the list of the CPU's compatible with your mobo , but 145 is in the list
    But if you allready have the CPU can try.
  2. I looked on the website of the guy who has the MSI who is my friend. He has an MSI 970 and it's not listed on his and it worked on his board. Should it work on mine? I mean it's AM3. Shouldn't matter.

    Also it says at the bottom of the board I have: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Products may not be available in all markets.

    One other guy's worked with his Crossfire V and it's not listed there: So I'm guessing it should work.
  3. You can try maybe you have luck too.
  4. One more question. Would I still have to update it since it says 0901 on the bios listed inside the mobo? Is 901 incompatible?
  5. No you don't need to update because that is the last BIOS released for your motherboard.
  6. Could it still act up even with that bios?
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    If you put any of the processors from the compatibility list it must run everything , because 0901 is the latest BIOS.
  8. So I'm guessing it would be the motherboard that's bad? Figures. I hear alot of reviews of people getting bad mobos with this one. Oh well. I'll just see when the CPU gets here. If it doesn't come up again, I'll just RMA everything, Including CPU to make sure.
  9. Now depends how lucky you are.
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  11. Sosfm, I looked it up and thought I had the EVO version. And I looked it up and 0901 was the revised version. I'm guessing this board is bad. Happened to my A8n SLI board back in 2006 than I replaced that with the A8n-32 SLI. Happened to me again. Oh well. Gonna' RMA it for a replacement. Thinking about RMAing the CPU and ram as well. What do you think?
  12. You tried and didn't work ? Or is just a gues ? I don't understand something , why you buy a 100$ mobo and a 30$ Sempron ?
  13. sosofm said:
    You tried and didn't work ? Or is just a gues ? I don't understand something , why you buy a 100$ mobo and a 30$ Sempron ?

    Because I thought I had the EVO version of the board, but turns out it was the regular. Damn. I'm gonna' RMA the board and CPU ( FX processor ) just to make sure. I know for sure it's the mobo. I've had a mobo do this to me before. Everything was good, but once I have that mobo, It'd do the same exact thing. Argh.
  14. Quick update. Got all the RMA parts and you know what? IT WORKS! The bad side is I don't have Windows 7 right now, because the disc I have is scuffed up. The funny thing is when I use my FX 4100 only ram dimm can be read, but when I pop in my sempron 130, ALL discs read and I get no blue screens or errors. Weird. Do you think it's because of the BIOS?
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