Cannot get movie to display as letterbox

Trying to watch North by North West blu ray disc on my Home theatre PC. Aspect Ratio of disc is : 1.85:1. On pc. Using Arcsoft HT5 software but is is the same with Power dvd.

Plays in DVD player and displays proper letterbox format with black bars on top and bottom. However when using arcsoft software to play on computer is stretches the top and bottom to fill the full screen. How can I get it to play with letterbox the way it was supposed to be viewed? Lots of posts on how to get rid of black bars but none on how to prevent stretching of image to fill the screen.

Adjusting aspect ratio on monitor does not work. Adjusting aspect ration in software does nothing. Set to maintain aspect ratio.

HDMI audio and video. 58 inch palsma. ATI Radeon HD 3400-series video chip.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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  1. So your Blu-Ray player works just fine on your big screen, but when you play it on the computer it isnt?

    It could just be a screen aspect ratio. The driver knows what the screen needs it to be and sets it. If the driver wants something it will override the software... Do other movies with the same aspect ratio have the same problem?
  2. Yes that is correct. It may be something to do with the graphics driver but I have adjusted the scaling on this and it made no difference.
  3. Try another movie with the same aspect ratio and see if it has the same problem. Also update your graphics driver to be on the safe side...
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