Noise level of Eyefinity card (HD 58xx or 68xx) feedback please

Hello, all.
I have recently setup a new system w intention to use three 24 inch LCD monitors. (all at two 1920*1080, one 1920*1200).
I went w I5 sandybridge, 8 gig DDR3 and XFX HD6850 and I am happy with the performance as I do need such performance to play high-end games.

However, noise level of this video card's fan is quite loud for me.

I am wondering how are the fan noise level of other cards?
Does anybody use Eyefinity card (5850, 5770, 6870, or some other card maybe?) that can support above resolution and can confirm fan noise level is not that high?

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  1. "One disappointment was the XFX card here. Its temperatures were by far the best of the bunch due to the vapor chamber heatsink but it kicked up a racket when compared to the other cards. It is far from “loud” but it was noticeable when in-game sounds were turned down."
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