Memory controller load problem?

Hello people,

I've got a Gigabyte nvidia geforce 8800GTS 320MB GDDR3 graphics card.

I downloaded GPUz and noticed that my idle temp is 68C! So I downloaded Ntune and underclocked my core clock and memory speed, and its sitting at 58C which is good, I guess. Also I've noticed that my memory controller load is 99%? I don't plan on using this card for gaming, just for normal web browsing.

I'm just confused on why my graphic temperature is so high? At the moment the side of the case is off, and I'm also thinking that the 99% memory controller load is causing some of the heat?

What could this be? Any help will be great. :heink:

One more thing.

I have 2 GPU temperatures on GPU-z, One is reporting the GPU temp from the driver and the other is reporting from sensor chip.

Driver - 59C
sensor - 50.8C
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  1. You could always remove the heatsink on the card and reapply thermal paste on the graphics processor. That would most likely lower the temp.
  2. You think that will help? I'll have to give it a try tomorrow.

    In the mean time, is there any more ideas on how I can reduce the temp of the card?
  3. I did it to one of my cards, dropped the temp 10C! It wasn't very difficult either, just a few screws, pop the plastic cover, clean off the old paste and put the new on. Can't really go wrong plus you can youtube for a video, I'm sure you'll find one.

    The only other suggestion I have is double check your drivers, if there are newer ones, get them from nvidia's website.
  4. I appreciate your help. I'll report back when I've done both of them.
  5. While reapplying the TIM can help, first and foremost make sure the heat sink is dust free!
  6. I believe the memory controller load at 99% is a bug. My 8800GTS 640 does the same thing after updating to latest GPU-Z and drivers, but was normal with previous ones. It doesn't appear to affect performance or temperature on my system.
  7. Hello

    I've just applied some paste of the card, and yes it is dust free. lol

    @nrn9520 What is the idle temp of your card? Mine is 52 and rising since I put the paste on.
  8. I don't know about this bug and I would like to know more. I got a 8800gtx which is the same gpu just not chopped down. Try a game and see how it effects performance. :/
  9. I'll find a game to install a bit later, but back to this bug thing. I was googling my problem all afternoon, and I found nothing. Alls I got is, Change the paste, damages card, bug in the bios firmware, driver problems, driver conflictions with older graphics drivers, computer ventilation, and dust problems.
  10. ^ Yep. And maybe motherboard damage, or in need of chipset or BIOS update.
  11. All these solutions. I don't know which one to try first.
  12. The easiest would be to try it out now and see if it is fine.

    If not, then do a bios/chipset update. Go to the website of your motherboard's manufacturer and get it there. They should have some utility or something easy to update it with.
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