Harmful effects of too high a fan speed?

Are there are harmful effects with having my CPU fan speed run almost full RPM's?

Would that produce even more heat? Would it kill my fan? Is it safe?

My idle-load temps are bout 41-47 deg C...

is that okay? I have an Athlon II Regor 2.8 dual core

What do you guys think?
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  1. its fine. the only negative side effect is noise. As far as longevity, if your fan speed is low, the temps are higher, so any benefit from running the fan at a lower speed is counteracted by the temperature the fan is exposed to IMO. And its a fan...they are cheap.
  2. Thanks, my fan is really quiet (it has some sound absorber thing that i can't remember)

    It's interesting cause I don't see much of a temperature difference if i run the fan at high RPMs... not sure if it's worth the stress towards the fan... it's half the price of my CPU! (The Athlon 240 only costs 40 bucks)
  3. What about the exhaust fan in your case? How fast is it spinning?

    If the exhaust fan is moving less air than the fan on the CPU, then some of that hot air that the CPU fan is blowing away from the CPU itself remains in the case. Meaning your exhaust fan is possibly "bottlenecking" your case cooling.
  4. My case fan is usually stays 900 RPM.. when I do a fan test, max I've seen it go is 1100 RPM

    Whereas my CPU fan is revving at 2300 RPM on those tests
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