SATA 3.0 Controller Recommendations?

Well, it looks like the time has come when my good old 790FX-GD70 is falling behind in features.

I'm planning on buying a Vertex 3 SSD. I'm undecided on the size right now, but either way, my SATA 2 motherboard will really be holding it back.

I've been trying to find a decent PCIe SATA controller for a while now that won't burn a hole through my wallet, but will be reliable and powerful enough to be my main storage device.
That's what I found. And I'm going to say right now that it's on the very upper end of my price range. There's no way I'm going any higher for a SATA controller. I'd say that $150 for a $400 card (according to Amazon) is one helluva good deal, though...

My question is whether or not there's a better, cheaper alternative available. I don't really need a RAID card, although it wouldn't hurt - it's the price that I'm worried about. I've seen a bunch of the cheap Rosewill cards on NewEgg, and that's at the extreme other end - cheap junk. Isn't there a happy medium that will be reliable and yet somewhere around $100 new?
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  1. Alrighty then... judging by the lack of responses after bumping this a few times, I just went ahead and ordered it. Actually, I received it, too. :D

    Let me just say that this is a piece of hardware that people will be impressed by. It isn't like "Oh, look, your motherboard wasn't fast enough for your SSD." - It's more along the lines of "Holy shat, look at that RAID card!"

    ...and that's enough to make me happy. On a side note, this thing will be faster than any drive I could possibly put on it right now.
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