Low performance on new Gaming build

Put together last weekend, I think I am getting low performance based on what I have seen around here. Graphics card is softmodded to a 6970 and processor is overclocked with OC Genie.

3D Mark scores
What could be causing me to get such low results? :pfff:
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  1. Not sure if the link you gave me is to your results but the score is almost 14,000 so I don't think that is low.

    EDIT: The 3DMark Scores link I mean and not the pictures.

    EDIT2: Nevermind I thought 14k was a high score but I researched and it isn't
  2. Why are you using 3dmark06? This is 2011, try 3dmark11 or 3dmark Vantage.
  3. It seems a bit low to me, but I have not seen any other 2500K/6970 benchmarks to compare with.

    I ran Geekbench (lol, never heard of before) I scored 5998 with a i3-2100/5850 all stock clocks and a old 7200rpm hdd.

    2nd run scored 6061.
  4. Oh I didn't realize I was using an outdated version.
    3D Mark 11 Score
    The 3D Mark 11 scores seem to be quite a bit higher, but that still doesn't explain the low Geekbench score.
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