Weird CPU Core detection problems

Hey guys, I have a weird problem, sometimes Windows XP will detect only 2 of my 4 CPU cores, and sometimes the date will reset to sometime around 2001, if i reboot the computer and enter the bios (regardless of the date the computer is showing) and re-enter XP after I entered the BIOS, it will detect the 4 cores.

Its weird, i mean looks to me like its a CMOS battery issue, but why does the CPU detection have anything to do with the CMOS battery?, the date change is kinda obvious, but the reduced core detection is not something i would expect from a dead battery....

Anyway, im going to buy a new battery, but would like to hear opinions from you, maybe faulty capacitors?, i looked at the motherboard and the capacitors seem ok no bulges or leaks, but i havent checked ESR to be sure. They appear to be good capacitor brands, a combination of what looks like Panasonic FM and Nippon Chemi-con caps, both very respectable brands, however ive seen in the past some capacitors which look exactly like Rubycon or Panasonic but in fact they are copies, and you cant really tell the difference by looking at them from the top.

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  1. Don't panic. Put the new battery in the motherboard, set the date in the BIOS, and see if the problem recurs.
  2. No need to speculate before trying the obvious.
  3. I will replace the battery, only thing is that the problem is not happening all the time, so i may have to wait to see if something develops.
  4. Confirmed, it was the battery, its odd since i've had this computer for only 2-3 years, and the 2032 batteries are supposed to last for 10 years in average. Im impressed by the general improved performance, seems like the computer got more stable, regardless of the small parasites that were very noticeable.
  5. That happened to me also.
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