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OK. I have my cousin's netbook not booting to windows, even in safe mode. I was wondering if anyone knows how to boot the netbook from another computer over LAN (from either Vista or W7). It is an Asus Eee 1005HAB PC netbook with an Atheros Boot Agent.
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  1. I am fooling around with LAN booting as well, from my limited experience, I have managed to install windows 7 over a network, via PXE. I use windows server 2008 with windows deployment services.
    Unless you really want to boot off a LAN, I would recommend to save your self a lot of time and trouble, and look at installing over USB, I think you can boot off a thumb drive and install XP that way, if that doesn't work I would find a USB CD drive and install it on that. Use booting off LAN as a last resort.

    here is a link how to make a USB thumb drive boot XP
  2. Yea that Is what I am about to do for now, I just wasn't at home at first. But I think it will still be cool to know.
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