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Same issue with the ATI 5870 shutting down. I am running Antec 1000w PSU in an Antec 1200 with 7 fans and hydracooled motherboard. Still shutting down. No overclock at all. What is the issue???
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  1. Is the card well connected. the power cable and all ?
    Are the drivers up to date ?
    Edit- you didnt mention overheating in your post-
    What is overheating temps ?
    Check the temps with HW monitor.
    Also, you can set a fan profile in msi afterburner or any other app.
  2. I had this issue before. My card was very dusty, so I vacuumed all the dust out. The temps dropped about 20 degrees after. Also, make sure the fan(s) in your graphics card is running at optimal speed.
  3. Yup make sure to clean out all the dust. Your case should have pretty good ventilation after all so that shouldn't be the issue unless you did something weird with the fans. You can also go into catalyst control center, unlock, and then manually increase the fan speed to 70% or so to help keep temps under control. If you have a reference board then setting it to 100% may be a bit too loud for you, but I would set it at 100% if I was worried about the overheating. For some games I do that for my two 5870s, but of course my gigabyte UD cards are a little quieter than the reference design.
  4. Yeah i had the same issue also.. So i took my graphics card apart and i saw a bunch of dust in the graphic card. Especially the way the 5870's are made they have 2 intake holes collecting dust. Clean it out and change your thermal compound. My graphics card dropped 30c by doing it.
  5. yep card well connected. i undone the outer case and blew air over it to clear dust. and also through the intakes. i uninstalled the catalyst version i had (the previous one) and installed the most current. my foot gets cold next to my tower, there is no way parts are too hot inside. now i forgot to mention that i have attempted to load fail safe settings in the bios. when i save/exit, systems cuts out as well. This is doing my head in because I seriously have no idea whats up except that I know its a software issue somewhere deep in my system as I have reformatted windows after this problem first occurred and it was fine for a while. Please i need more thoughts !! thank you
  6. You have not mentioned temps at all. What kind of temps are you seeing? You can also disassemble the card and check for dust and the thermal grease.
  7. yer its def over heating i have the same issue it gets to 53*C and dies thats with the fan at 100% eg if i use my large desktop fan and aim it into the tower its enough to keep it cool and below that

    i just wonder what would happen if i acturally got a game to push the 5870 instead of just claping out in minecraft

    its really crap GPU anyhow it doesnt display 3D objects correctly on some games eg anarchy online but iv found out that its just an ati issue

    but ati come on i live in england what if i lived in spain or worse egypt the air time in them places gets to 53*C sometimes

    my old 8800 ultra wouldnt die on me till it got to 85*C and that never got there it normally hovered around 56*C yer it maxed at 61*C in warm days

    i have to say tho the 5870 works great at 11*C in the gaming room in the winter but i dontnumb hands not good for gaming

    so some one needs to fix this issue in the ati drivers maybe put the failsafe cut off at something abit more reasonable like 75*C atleast or dont release a GPU with poor cooling ability a component should be able to cool itself in 35*C air temp without outside intervention im at 18*C if im lucky and its a nice day so if ati want me to buy a large desktop fan to slap on the side of case to keep it cool they should send 1 out with it im sorry but its true i tryed to come back to ATi but they *** in my face next GPU is nvidia

    also they need to fix CCC im running win 7 64bit and it doesnt clock the fan speed up so it gets ran at 100% all the time to stop it from overheating as much when you get black screen it dies but does recover with a message saying that display drivers failed but then recovered
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