Should I replace my power supply?

A few days ago I was having problems with my graphics card (that I'm replacing this week) that was causing my computer to crash while playing games. At one point I took the card out to get any dust out and when I reconnected everything and turned it on I heard a loud popping sound come from my computer. I immediately turned it off and checked all the cables and haven't heard it since.

I checked all the voltages in the BIOS and everything seems fine. Anyone know what would cause a loud pop? Maybe a cord not connected all the way or something? Since I haven't heard it again I'm assuming nothing is damaged.
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  1. i used to get a popping in the back of my computer as it had a manual power switch in the back, it ended up blowing the PSU and shocked me. It was a faulty PSU and since got replaced but i would be careful as Electricity and faulty equipment dont play well together.

    What brand PSU are you using, the reason i ask is that the better the brand the more protected your computer is likely to be if it blows.
  2. I'm using a PC Power & Cooling 500w. I've never heard the popping and I've been using it for 2 years now. I also had some speakers that were on that weren't connected to my PC that may have caused it, I'm not sure. After turning off the speakers and replugging in my power cord to the psu everything was back to normal. Been watching videos and browsing for about an hour and haven't heard anything and everything seems fine.

    I think I'm going to turn on the speakers and leave my PC off to see if the sound comes from them.
  3. your power supply is working don't replace it,,,
  4. @ zach - welcome to the forums newcomer!

    before anyone can shoot at something, they need to verify the target. We don't know the machine that your working with thas running off the 2year old PC power & cooling 500W psu.

    please post back with the entire rig specs.

    After that we can work our way and see IF your psu is faulty or needs replacing.

    my 2 cents!
  5. I would say from my experience that it was a loose cable somewhere. Most popping sounds come from a connection that is partially connected and the electrical current is traveling through the air and the electrons in the air surrounding the components that are not connected are basically exploding. Its the same principle behind lightning. Outside of that it could be but i doubt it, hardware that has compromised connections. I say I doubt it because you say you haven't heard a popping sound since replugging your hardware in correctly. You should be fine as you are.
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