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can someone help me plz. About 2 months ago i had a power surge happen.:(
windows happen to be loading at the time surge happen. Took me a lil bit but i got some money up and changed the harddrive and grafics card. now it has been just freezing up and having to turn it off manually. So i left if off while i was at work and came home to work on it some more and no pc turns on fans run no beep and black screen any ideas?
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  1. In a power surge, you must replace every single component. In this case, it's probably the mobo.
  2. Did you try a new PSU (or a known good one)? Maybe it can't supply the power needed.
    I'm sure your reset the BIOS, no hope ?
    Try a new videocard, and if it doesn't help,
    maybe you got some bulging capacitors, did you check? In that case maybe just the MoBo is dead.

    Plug some headphones into the rear green jack and listen to the BIOS REPORTER, maybe the voice will tell you something (hepefully).

    My money is on the dead mobo.

    Good luck.
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