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I have two old computers lying around that I want to put to some sort of use, so I was thinking of making a two computer cluster. Clearly, this is just for educational purposes (i.e, I know I wont get a huge performance boost out of clustering two computers). What I'm looking for is a piece of clustering software that combines the memory and cpu of both my computers whenever I run any program with almost no overhead, that is, I don't want to write special programs to work with it, and I want to be able to throw any task at it (graphics rendering, password cracking, etc anything I want). In other words, I want something that works with any type of task, because I have no specific task in mind. I've looked at some software like OSCAR and MPI, but these don't automate the whole process like a want them to. I've also been looking into rocks, but I'm not sure this does what I want either. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks for the help in advance!
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  1. What your looking for doesn't exist. Clustering is something I've dabbled in since I got my hands on 5 386 machines in highschool. I had a Bewoulf cluster running on them and compiling source code. I used linux and some redhat specific tools to get things rolling. Unfortunately your own set of specifications rules out a networked cluster of computers - not custom coding software, no overhead, no specific task.
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