Can my motherboard handle my new power supply?

I'm wondering if my motherboard can handle my new power supply which is and this is my motherboard and if not what is a motherboard that is recommended to support that power supply.
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  1. Hi, good Power Supply, I use the same one. It will work on any motherboard and is great for amd and intel motherboards. It supplies more than enough juice to overclock a cpu and run sli/cfx. I cannot see the motherboard you are linking to , but I would recommend intel sandy bridge 1155 motherboard and cpu.

    If you supply some more info like the desired use of PC , video card you have/want, we can help you more.

    Have Fun
  2. there are some specs of my motherboard but im not sure if it can handle the new power supply i am getting
  3. Yes, but you could probably get by with a 500W-600W PSU, unless you plan to cross-fire some older Graphics cards, like the HD 3XXX or HD 4XXX.
  4. I've already purchased the tx750 power supply and was just wanting to be sure that my motherboard could handle it
  5. and im going to use it to play games like starcraft II
  6. The power supply only supplies as much power as is needed by the system, you are using a 775 Pegatron Bernicia motherboard (ASUS model #ipibl supposedly) with a quad-core. You can definitely use this PSU without problems.

    Have Fun!
  7. That is great to hear, Thanks for your help man, as you can tell I dont really know much about computers but I am trying to learn.
  8. No problem, have a great day!
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