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I'm having the worse ease of use GALAXY RMA Dept. experience .. I'm @ the point of branding GALAXY a " DON"T BUY " .. GPU case fan threw a fan blade . I get a phone # to call to get RMA but the follow-up is slow to non-responsive .. Can anyone offer info to help me get a response ? What manufacturer has the best RMA Dept.?. HELP ? Galaxy has really pushed my patience to the limit .. HELP_HELP_
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  1. EVGA has the best support if that is the question! There are other good ones out there, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and etc. I am afraid I cant help you with dealing with Galaxy though and your frustration confirms my view on not recommending Galaxy!
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    Your going to get mixed views about who provides the best support, for example rolli is suggesting that Gigabyte has good support, however I had to wait 3 weeks for a reply from them before.
    Everyone's experience is going to differ, and people have different opinions on what good or bad support actually is.

    Hope you get your RMA sorted.
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