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Hello I have a pretty decent computer about half an year old. It hasa 16 GB RAM, but it always seemed like it was running slower than it should. I just updated my BIOS hoping that this could fix it but still it didn't. I have SpeedStep, Turbo Mode and HyperThreading disabled. I saw in a few posts something about disabling EFI aswell but I didn't find anything of that sort in my BIOS menu. Anyway here are my compuer specs :

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  1. Anyone ? I would just like to know from you if my RAM is functioning properly. If not what should I do to improve it and if yes than why does it seem to slow ? If you need more info please don't hesitate asking. Thanks for reading.
  2. Is there any chance any of you RAM gurus could check the info I posted and tell me if there is something wrong ? I would really appreciate it very much ^^
  3. Please ? Any type of help is greatly appreciated :S I am not good with this yet ( I am studying to become a hardware technic ) but I'm only at the begining. Cheers again for any help.
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