Passiv cooling for ASUS Radeon HD 3450 AGP?

A little over a year ago I bought a Asus Radeon HD 3450 AGP graphics card to be able to play HD movies on the pc in my living room, and I have been very pleased with the card.

Lately the fan has started to become very noisy. I have tried to clean it and remove any dust, but it doesn't help.

I have seen that many of the other manufacturers who make cards based on Radeon HD 3450 have passive cooling with just a heat sink and no fan. I have been trying to find something similar for my card, but have so far not been able to.

So I was wondering if anyone here on the forum has any idea if there is anything I can use instead of the fan that the card came with?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Bump.

    Does no one have any advice for me regarding this graphics card?
  2. i actually just unplugged the fan. i also underclocked it to 305 for memory and the gpu clock to 505. i havent done much extensive testing but i did run youtube on high quality for about an hour and the highest temp i got was 67 celcius.. otherwise the card runs around the high 50's while playing a 720p mkv movie file. underclocking doesnt seem to affect its ability for movies which is all i use it for.

    hoping it'll be fine because i just sent it to my mother and forgot to plug the fan back in.. so loud! by comparison, theres a pentium 4 in the same system and it runs much quiter with the stock heatsink.

    anyway, i tried looking into passive cooling before resorting to this madness of just unplugging the fan.. here's what i dug up:

    (from a newegg review)
    "To make the card quiet, Install ZalmanZM50-HP fanless heatpipe based heatsink. Fits fine on low profile card and works better than stock. My autotune GPU frequency went from 600MHz to 670Mhz after switching from stock heatsink to Zalman."

    now i looked for that heatsink and had very little luck in finding it stocked anywhere.. that review is from January 2009.

    some other review said that the card runs insanely cool at stock speeds and said "was a fan really neccesary"?
    hopefully he knows what he's talking about lol, guess i'll find out when my mother calls me saying her computer caught on fire.. :)

    good luck!
  3. colmiak, Thanks for the tip. I'll look into this.
  4. Sorry, but it is possible But a waste of money a new card 10x better would be the same price. ($50)
  5. But how many cheap AGP cards are there with HD today? When I bought this one it was the only one I could find.
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