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I like the $2000 June performance PC set-up,(,2961.html )but I read somewhere on here that the slot LGA1155 motherboard had a limited lifespan. I'm looking to build a computer that will be upgradable for the next few years, and I don't want to start off with something that's destined for the scrap heap. My question is, is this true? If so, what would a comparable LGA1366 MB/Proc combo be? I'm wanting drool-worthy graphics for online gaming.
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  1. 1155 will remain Intels main chipset for a while 1366 will be replaced by something as an enthusiast chipset soon but nothing is discontinued, you can still get 775 chips and boards so they have been replaced by newer tech but are still not discontinued.
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    Well, the LGA 1155 socket won't be discontinued for quite some time. The Ivy Bridge processors along with their accompanying chipsets are yet to be released, sometime in 2012. LGA 1155 is mainly for mainstream users.
    LGA 1366 on the otherhand is mainly for enthusiasts and thus, tends to be more limited in terms of processors developed for it. Word on the street is that LGA 1366 will be replaced by LGA 2011 by the end of this year as the new enthusiast socket.

    That said, it is unknown if current LGA 1155 socket motherboards will support future LGA 1155 socket processors. Some may require a BIOS upgrade, some will downright not support them.
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  4. Ahh, sadly I was a bit mistaken. I was concerned after reading the How To section about building your own computer, and they were listing the LGA1156 rather than the 1155 as being outdated. Still, I'm interested in using the build that they mentioned, but swapping in the LGA1336 board. Any suggestions?
  5. LGA 1155 is Intel's most latest platform available for desktop (more appropriately single processor system) users/builders. No chance of it being discontinued anytime soon. Now am assuming discontinued means a stop from the production factory which is (or may) be the case with LGA 775 products.
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