USB devices and Keyboard randomly stop working.

Hi. I recently built a custom computer and it worked fine, until a few days ago when I was playing a PC game. Randomly, my mouse, speakers and wireless adapter stopped working, and those were the only things plugged into the USB ports. Then the keyboard stopped functioning as well. Since both USB and keyboard stopped working, I suspect that it is my motherboard acting up or BIOS problem. Can anyone explain to me what the problem is and how to fix it? I have tried removing the graphics card and using the motherboard integrated one and it still happens, so I don't think my PSU is at fault.
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  1. It could be like something similar I was experiencing with my computer -- in the Windows 7 device manager, check each of your USB Hubs and related items' properties, and look for the Power Management tab -- and try unchecking the "allow... turn off to save power" checkbox/option.
  2. Well, I finally found out what it was. I had installed a new wireless adapter a few days ago and I figured that it might be the problem, and after a system restore, I found out it was. I don't know how but I read that it is because of the driver software or something, so just use the add hardware wizard instead of the setup.exe that might be included.
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