Upgrading my graphics card

Hi guys, just a quick question

I want to get Shogun 2 Total War when it comes out in march, but my PC is getting on a bit now, and I think I'll need to upgrade my graphics card.

At the moment I'm running the Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS on a DixsonSXP G33MO5 Intel-chipped motherboard. The graphic interface is PCI-E 16. Its my birthday soon, I'm going to treat myself, which graphics cards should I get?

A couple of notes
I cant for the life of me work out how many PCI Express power connectors I have, or how many pins they each have, or their wattage. I get the feeling this would be a useful thing to know....

My processor is an Intel 2 Quad Q6600 running at 2.4 GHz, and clocking 1596.1 MHz as I type. This should be able to deal with most things I throw at it, shouldnt it?

Any additional details I'd be happy to find.

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  1. Monitor resolutuon ?


    You willing to overclock that Q6600?

    Any preference for nVidia or AMD?
  2. monitor resolution is 1400 by 1050 pixels, but if absoutely nessecary I can adjust that

    budget.... well around the £200 is probably about the limit

    Not gonig to overclock it, no

    Dont mind at all

    also, whilst it occurs to me, the new card *has* to be DX11 compatible, apparently.
  3. You'll need to find out what power supply you have, but here are some great deals from overclockers.co.uk



    Both are DX11, both are incredibly faster than your 8400GS. The GTX480 will require excellent case cooling, and a beefy PSU.
  4. Thats great thanks - are these the highest spec I can get? was looking longingly at the 6000 series...

    Also, the cry of the ignorant.... I cant figure out what power supply I have! I'm using CPU ID and if its telling me, then I'm overlooking it.

  5. The GTX480 is the fastest card you can get with your budget, though it does have some drawbacks like its power usage is high, it runs hot, and is loud according to some people (obviously noise is subjective)

    The 69xx series cards are over your budget and the slowest 69xx series card (HD6950) is slower than the GTX480.

    CPU-ID won't tell you what power supply you have, you'll have to take off the side of your case and look for a label/sticker on the power supply, it'll tell you important info about your PSU

    Whats really important to know is the wattage dedicated to the +12V rail(s).
  6. i'd say hold on till shogun 2 hits the market. prices of newer (more power efficient) cards might be lower by then.

    but considering the trend on how creative assembly releases their games, it usually takes a patch or 2 to get the performance right as v1.0 of most of the games that they released are cadence of slideshow.
  7. Haha - good plan... why didnt I think of that? Its just exciting - I've *never* been able to play any of the total war games on full spec exactly as they come out. Exciting stuff, no? especially looking at what CA have done with the look of the game this time round.
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