Like to get training materials on how to use lap top before I purcahse it for my

Good morning. I would like to purchase a lap top computer for my father who lives in Hallandale, Fl. He knows nothing about computers but he would like to learn the basics. Would it be possible for me to purchase from you Introduction to PC and Software? It's service courses for knowledge in Microsoft Windows, Applications, Software, Internet and email. I want to be sure that my dad will understand how to operate the unit before I purchase it for him. Also, can you please tell me if any tutrials are given in or near Hallandale, Fl? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Mark Levine
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  1. It would be much less expensive to simply find someone that lives nearby to show him the basics, such as mail, surfing, etc; generally, the reputable classes and training software is frequently insanely expensive....
  2. Look at your local bookstore for "Windows 7 for Dummies" or "Laptops for Seniors" or similar publishing's. They seem to be very well written and intuitive. I've only looked at them when I was picking up Certification books but, from the glimpse that I had, they look pretty solid and non-daunting.
  3. Hello, this is a computer hardware forum and all members are ordinary people sitting in their homes like you (perhaps more knowledgeable than you when it comes to computers) we might not be able to teach your father but we can help you to chose a laptop. You can tell us your budget, your choices and we can help you decide.
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