ATI HD 5850 Driver Update Issues

I'm trying to update the driver for my ATI HD 5850, but I'm having problems.

I have Win-7 64 bit, and I'm currently on version 10.7 and need to update to 11.1.

I have dowloaded the driver to my desktop, but when I run the install wizard to completion, it causes my computer to shut down "to prevent damage" to my computer, and I then have to run safe mode, and restore to previous version.

What am I doing wrog?
Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thank you for your time!!!
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  1. I just tried another approach, and it appears to have changed something.

    I went Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Display adapters>ATI Radeon HD 5800 series>"Driver" tab> Update Drivers.

    I used windows to automatically search for updates, which it found and installed automatically, and then, just as always my computer shut down "to prevent damage" and when it rebooted this time everything looked ok and the driver info has changed to 10.11 but not 11.11???

    Any help would be had!
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  3. Do you have more than one 5850 by chance?

    I couldn't get 11.1 to run on my trifire setup: 3x 5850. The drivers and catalyst just wouldn't install on my trifire setup. Further, the 11.1 CCC and drivers installed without fail on my PC with a single card (5450).

    So I think there is an issue with 11.1 and crossfire.

    I was able to install the 11.1a version and still the HDMI audio driver failed to install, though the catalyst control center (CCC) and video drivers installed just fine and I see the noted improvements. Fortunately, I don't use HDMI audio.

    10.12 worked fine all the way around with my setup; HDMI audio and all, so I imagine 11.2 might be better?

    I think AMD was a little impatient in re-branding the ATI products with this 11.1 release. Look for the future drivers to be much better.

    If you only have one card, you may be getting the "to prevent damage" (BSOD) message because you haven't gotten rid of all the previous ATI/AMD driver remnants. ATIs uninstall leave many things behind. When re-installing or upgrading your AMD/ATI catalyst and drivers, always do the 'Add/Remove Programs' or 'Uninstall a Program' option (depends on your windows version) through windows control panel and choose the express uninstall. When it's completed, you're prompted to reboot. Reboot. Then, follow this up with Driver Sweeper (it's a free download) because there will be a ton of ATI registry entries and dlls left even after the uninstall. When it's completed, you're prompted to reboot. Reboot. Then install the new version of the drivers.
  4. I've got a HD5850 + I've got an even weirder problem.

    First my PC randomly crashed, I was playing World of Warcraft. When I booted it again, it gave me the option of setting my settings to default (RECOMMANDED), or boot anyway. Stupid as I was I chose the recommanded option, so set to default.

    Then it said no operating system installed. I googled the problem with my phone, to realise the settings which I reset also resetted my harddrives RAID settings. I entered the BIOS and put the RAID settings how they should be.

    I booted my PC - everything was back normal, I started watching a movie I recently downloaded but after 10 minutes....
    it suddenly went black, my monitors were saying: no input.. but the sound of the movie I was watching was still audible.

    I checked my RAM, hardware temperature etc.. but found nothing. So I thought it could be my GPU causing the problems. I went to the ATI website, downloaded the latest driver.. installed it, but while installing my resolution got f****ed up.. and when the installing was completed my windows rebooted, but while rebooting it said it could not boot. I had a few options and I chose the auto fix thing. After 20 minutes it told me it could not fix it. I just restarted it and everything worked again... (lucky me)

    Now I went to look at my GPU's driver version.... its 8.702.0.0 (date 2-2-2010)
    I pressed the update button, and it found no updates! o_O

    Any suggestions of what I can do?
  5. I have not solved the driver update yet, but my other problems have been solved. Some connectors where eroded or something. After I disconnected all wires, and then connected everything back everything works good again. Haven't had a single random crash anymore.

    So if anyone knows how to fix the GPU's driver update I'd be pleased, but I don't need help with the other problems anymore - fixed those ;-)
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