How to get rid of samsung syncmaster P2770 jitters

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Everytime my monitor comes out of sleep or when I boot up I get these jitters. I have tried to adjust the refresh rate but it always defaults back yo 60 hz I have a ATi radeon 5970x2 video card, and it seems it doesn't matter which driver I use it stills jitters. Thanks for your help.
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  1. It is constant jitter or just an for a instant? My 5970 gets it too and I think its the graphics card more than drivers or settings.
  2. just an instant, anytime i boot up, or just bring it back from sleep it jitters then flickers off and then on. after all that its ok.
    I never had this issue with my Vizo 26" monitor.
  3. My Samsung does the same thing. I just upgraded my PC froma an old DELL to a new HP. I get the same result so I'm sure its not the graphics card or PC. Anybody have a solution yet?
  4. I had the same issue you're having. It doesn't affect performance, but it's just enough of strange thing that it makes you think something is kind of wrong.

    On the AMD forums/website, they will tell you to plug your monitor into the other DVI port on your graphics card to get rid of this issue (you're using a DVI connection I'm assuming, right?). When I first read their suggested solution, I thought "how stupid", but believe it or not, it works!

    The issue primarily affects ATI multi-GPU setups and later driver versions. Since switching the port works, you can pretty much conclude it's not some quirk with your monitor.

    Switch the DVI port you plug the monitor into and let us know how it works out.

    I really think something driver-related is a little off.
  5. Yeah I've been getting that since 10.12 I think. Samsung 2494SW. I'll try what ubercake said tho, sounds reasonable.
  6. No problems here. PC turns back on and the picture pops up instantly.
  7. Hi, all and thanks for the replies, but I believe mine was monitor related. after a short time the monitor started to turn itself off and on for no reason. I decided to return it and bought me A LG E2750 and have had no issues since. Thanks again. :hello:
  8. Try setting the response time to Normal. That is what I had to do because they have that goofy engine that gives you 1ms response time but it gives picture distortion. It defaults to Fast I believe and putting it on fastest is even worst. I have no ghosting or distortion on normal setting. Hope this helps. Just in case, to do this press the menu button and select the first option by pressing the fourth button from your left and scroll down to response time using the second button from left and then again press the enter button(fourth button from left) and scroll up to normal using the third button to your left and hit the enter button once again and then menu button to return. Also I posted this for other who may have this question and find this thread.
  9. I had a similar problem with my P2770 with a Quadro 4000 card. Constant flickering. Setting the response time to Normal fixed the problem instantly.
    Thanks, Joe
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