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Is there anything in router settings to prevent certain laptops on the wlan network to be disguised. For example, I need to find a setting where the router doesn't show that i'm downloading/uploading anything. Everytime I start downloading something or uploading something the WLAN light on the router flickers like crazy. Is there anything to disable that? I need to figure this out so everytime I get online my douchebag roommate doesn't know. Thanks. I'm willin to literally open the freakin router up and cut a certain cable so it just looks static instead of it flickering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an AMBIT Broadband router. This one:
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  1. No that does not exist. The default for the LED is ON. When you start transferring data the LED is being turned OFF; therefore, no cable to cut.

    put a sticker or tap over the LED.Maybe your roomy will not notice.
  2. Wouldn't there be a cable for keeping it on and one for turning it off? What if I cut that cable if there was one...?
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    NO. There is only a + and - connection. the LED is controlled by a ON/OFF switch inside a chip.

    Sorry m8 no cable to cut, and no settings to turn OFF the LED.
  4. aw man :(. Thanks man for letting me know.
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