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Hi all,

I just finished up building my new gaming pc and I'm already having an issue with what I suspect is the video card. I booted up and installed Windows 7 just fine last night and then I shut it off and went to bed. I turned it on this morning to load up all the software that I got with the hardware and now my monitor won't display anything and goes to sleep like it is not receiving any signal.

Relevant setup specs:

Intel i7 950 LGA 1366
ASUS PX58D-E motherboard
Dual Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 cards
Samsung PX2370 LCD monitor

Monitor is hooked up to video card via HDMI cable at the moment. After windows installation, the monitor was detected as a generic PnP monitor and I didn't install the software for that either.

This is my first time setting up with dual video cards, so I might be missing something in that category too.

Sorry for the long post, any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try the cards individually in the primary slot. Chances are that you got a faulty card.
  2. Still no dice. I just don't know what would've changed since it worked last night prior to Windows installation. No beeping to indicate any hardware failure either.
  3. Unlikely that you got two bad cards but possible that you got bad motherboard.
  4. That would figure. You still think it would be the board after it ran fine to boot up and install windows?
  5. Indication would be it worked before and no beeps but you can run through this guide step by step and confirm everything is done right
    You could play with your ram as well.
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