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Help with Blu-ray playback on GTX580?

I just upgraded my PC this week, and added in an LG Blu-ray writer. This came with PowerDVD 9 (most likely an OEM version), which I'm trying to play Blu-ray discs on. I'm getting an error telling me that it "cannot play back the protected content Error Code = 0122"; and to "make sure the graphics driver meets the minimum requirements".

Does anyone else have blu-ray playback working over their GTX580?

Are there open source solutions I can try for alternative blu-ray playback?

NVidia control panel states "your graphics card and display are HDCP-capable". I'm using a Samsung 30" 305T+ over dual-link DVI at 2560x1600 driven by an EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked. Drivers are the current release version: 266.58.

Am I missing something obvious here? The Cyberlink Blu-ray Disc Advisor doesn't recognize my CPU, and it says my "graphics card driver" and "hdcp compliant display" are both showing "No" under "BD Ready".
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    Sounds like an issue with PowerDVD 9 as that was released long before the GTX580 and would need an update to it's config files before it could recognise it.
  2. Yeah, sure enough upgrading to the trial of PowerDVD 10 works. So much for a free program... (it came with the blu-ray drive).
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  4. Hmm.. even that only gets me to opening credits before the same message appears. I guess I'll have to wait this one out.
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