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Radeon HD 4870 X2 still locking/crashing

I have tried all the published fixes, except the bios flash, my drivers are confirmed as up to date and the old drivers have been COMPLETELY removed( safe mode, deleted drivers, used CCleaner to clean out remnants on C: and reg, dl'd and installed new drivers[dated 1/4/11]), but my VC is still locking up in WoW.
Spoke to ATI on the phone and although they weren't retards and knew about the prob, they pointed at WoW which made me sad :(, I don't play any other 3D's at the moment, but I'm sure the effect would be the same. Bottom line, I don't buy their explaination.
Is anyone else still experiencing the crash/lock up in 3D games?
Should I go ahead and do the bois flash?
If not, how did you fix it?(don't tell me you bought Nvidia, thats not helpful, troll)

Seriously, I'm at my wits end.
What could I have POSSIBLY overlooked?
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  1. XP, 32bit
    Intel Duo@ 3.17GHz
    3GB RAM
    Radeon HD 4870 X2, (1024),v8.812.0.0, 1/4/11
    ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe MB
  2. You are feeding the card enough power?
    Have you considered that the card could be gone bad?
  3. Thx, rolli,

    I have tried to increase the power slightly, via RivaTuner, but was afraid to exceed any manufacturer tolerences. Would I be able to go as high Riva will allow me without bricking my card?
    And yes, I have though of the possibility of the card being bad, but my problem is so incredibly close to the other published problems, and it works fine in other applications, that at this point I'm going to say it's not until I have absolutly exhausted all other possibilies.
    thanks again
  4. It should also be known that I have not at any time overclocked. I didn't feel this should be necessary, and did not see any benefit in doing so just for WoW.
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    If you are not experiencing this issue in other 3D games I would say it is WOW related, but other games as well faulty card.
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  7. All other possibilities are att, exhausted.
    Problem solved.

    ...and it's too awkward to even use as a paperweight.Maybe a doorstop?
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