Best case for my MicroATX Mobo?

I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 case which has terrible air ventilation and I'm looking into a few cases to upgrade to...

Which one would be the best for the price?


Antec Three Hundred Black Steel

Rosewill Challenger

Also, is it easy to swap out the internals of one computer to another?

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  1. Excellent choices; even the rosewill will work fine. For swapping out internals, draw some diagrams as each case connection pins are a little different. Leave the power supply out and tie the case connections out of the way. Line up all the case standoffs with the motherboard mounting holes, and remove any extra standoffs that will touch circuitry and don't line up with the holes. And don't forget to install the backplate first, a common mistake.
  2. My order of preference for theones you have listed ins the Haf912, The Rosewill Challenger, followed by the Antec 300.

    As for swapping internals over, first you had best make sure that the Dell motherboard is a micro-atx format board. Often they use a proprietary format that will only fit their proprietary cases...
  3. Good point about the dell; you may want to wait for an upgrade before changing cases.
  4. by changing cases you are bacically building a computer. Since you are going over the trouble alredy, you may wanna consider selling some of your current gear and getting new upgrades.

    BTW, take a look at silverstone and bitfenix cases, they are very well cooled too. If ultimately, you feel like they are all well cooled, get the design you like the most.
  5. The cases you listed are full ATX cases. They will hold a micro-ATX motherboard which is smaller.

    Of the three, I prefer the Antec 300, but I would get the illusion model which comes with two additional front fans:

    It is easy to swap things to a new case.

    If you are not experienced, I suggest you take some photos of where things are attached before taking things apart.
    Take the time to read your case manual and motherboard manual. Download them from the web site.

    Some Dell motherboards are non standard, perhaps BTX. verify that yours is a standard M-ATX.
  6. That's a nice case; if it's still in warranty, I would leave it alone. Check for a fan slot in the front or back for additional cooling. The front case pin cluster has no documentation, so matching the case connectors may be a pain. But at least the board is micro atx.
  7. If you can find the Antec P180mini then by all means - GO FOR IT - its also capable of holding 2x 80mm rads and a 120mm rad - with some modding you could also hold another rad uptop.

    you can look up this thread for more details

    aside from that it still holds a good amount of hardware and can fit sli/crossfire setups -

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