Fix for bad address?

had a power outage the other night and been getting a few app crashes and whatnot , eventually got around to doin a memtest and found out i have a bad spot in my ram, just 1 address (or rather 1 set of address') guess the outage did something to that ram sector.

so my question is , is there any way to re-address ram on windows 7 like you can in linux (

did some searches and couldnt find anything for windows.

you would think there would be something to automatically remap ram in case of a bad address in this day and age, (maybe there is and im not aware)

anywho, much apreciated to anyone with info on this topic
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  1. Your BIOS might have a RAM re-map the feature in it, some older high performance boards had it.
  2. ive got a maximus 4 extreme and no such luck,it does have a memory remap thing, but not the same thing as what im talking about,has to do with large amounts of system memory/gpu mem and operating systems and mapping tham all together without overlap,
    and seems like a no brainer to build an actual remap for bad addresses like this into mobo hardware tho, you sure could save alot of chips from goin to the landfill,but then i guess ram companies wouldnt make as much money

    is there any way to write a patch into the nt kernel in windows 7* to avoid a bad sector? it seems way beyond my capabilities, im just wondering if its even possible to do. (*does windows 7 even use nt kernel anymore?)
  3. no-one has any idea how/if this can be done in windows?
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