Best case for under $200????? help please!

Right now i have a CM Storm Scout and i just installed water cooling for my I7 950 and it is a tight fit. I am looking for a full tower case that costs less than $200 before tax. I am going to do sli gtx 570s so i need good airflow and room. any suggestions??
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  1. Here's the Full tower cases I would buy with my eyes closed:

    - Corsair Obsidian 800D
    - Cooler Master HAF 932
    - Silverstone Raven RV02

    The silverstone is the most expensive I think but when you want the best cooling there's is not a lot better options than that case.
  2. For water cooling room, I'd look at the CoolMaster Cosmos S.

    It may be more than $200, but look on the CoolMaster website for a reburbished one in the CM Store (cheaper!): CM Store >> CM Products >> Refurbished >> Chassis

    Sorry, but there are none in there right now. :(

    THG used it in a System Builder Marathon in February 2009: System Builder Marathon: The $5,000 Extreme PC
  3. haf x
  4. yeah i was think about the haf x,Silverstone Raven RV02, or the Antec DF 85
  5. RV02 is solid but the FT02 looks so much better for about 20 more dollars
  6. yea the phantom is a beautiful case, too bad though it doesn't have window panel
  7. Then you could look at the corsair 600T special white edition -

    edit; the OP didn't ask for a windowed side panel - but i still meet his budget :)
  8. Since you have the HAF-X as a potential option (which is an awesome case btw) and also a SLI setup to start with, you might consider the Nvidia Edition as an option.

    Am personally not a fan of the HAF looks but this one looks pretty cool with all that vibrant paint effect.
  9. 600T is a beautiful case, unfort it's cooling is absolute trash
  10. ^ huh? erm i believe its awesome for a case of that sort...
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