Intel i7 860 overheat

Hello everybody,

Today my CPU got overheated, hope not burnt. I immeadiately switched to the old computer (damn, so slow).

Components are:

INTEL Core i7 860 Quad Core 2,8 Ghz Socket LGA 1156
ASUS - Motherboard P7P55 LX socket LGA1156 chipset Intel P55 ATX
GAINWARD - GeForce GTX 460 2 Gb
CORSAIR - RAM 4 Gb (2x2Gb) ddr3 1600 Mhz
WESTERN DIGITAL - Caviar Blue 1 Tb Sata III 600 Buffer 32 Mb 7200 rpm
Fan cooling system: front fan from case + back fan ENERMAX T. B. SILENCE UCTB12 120 mm

The CPU has its original heatsink and is not overclocked. Options are at default. There are 40 °C here in Italy nowdays, but my opinion is:

I was running out of money when I was building the computer, so I ended up getting an inefficient PSU. Now I understand that efficiency is the keyword for PSUs.

So I think the problem is right the PSU that doesn't supply power efficiently. I built the PC in January, but been working only on documents stuff and no games. Finished the exams, I've been playing since two days Mafia II, which requires some kind of performance, so the PSU might not handle the power well. I plan to buy a better one and also to add some fans. Could this be the problem? Tell me some tips and your opinions.

I have never seen a burned CPU, so I do not know whether mine is burnt or just overheated. If I turn the pc on it works normally, so the CPU is just ovearheating, right? I'm just asking 'cause I really didn't like the smell today.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. How do you know your CPU overheated? Do you have the temperature? What is your PSU exactly? A lack of power doesn't cause an overheat, and if it works nothing is destroyed.
    Judging by current information, I would give it to a blown PSU.
  2. The smell came from the CPU.

    Idle temps are:

    Motherboard 29 °C (84 °F)
    CPU 41 °C (106 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #1 41 °C (106 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #2 37 °C (99 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #3 44 °C (111 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #4 38 °C (100 °F)

    Gaming temps:

    Motherboard 29 °C (84 °F)
    CPU 54 °C (129 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #1 54 °C (129 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #2 53 °C (127 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #3 54 °C (129 °F)
    CPU #1 / Core #4 53 °C (127 °F)

    My PSU is this one:

    CPU is not burnt. Still the smell worried me a lot. Gonna buy immediately a better PSU.
  3. Problem solved!

    PSU fan does not spin. In panic I thought the problem was more serious, and obviously I also smelled badly :)

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