Best prebuilt overclocked

Not many OEMs sell overclocked pcs. Some that do are:

Maingear - F131 Superstock: $1957
Puget Systems - Deluge $2016
Falcon Northwest - Talon $1884
Digital Storm - various
Jetline Systems - $2399 (FSX special)

(and cyberpower also, but their website gives me the hives.)

Any other candidates? Any reason to prefer any of the above?

Thanks for any info.

(note, Yes I know building it myself is cheaper and builds moral character etc. etc. blah blah. But I don't want to diy for various reasons and thus that is why I posted this in the **prebuilt** forum. Thanks for understanding.)
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  1. How ya doing, I own my own computer customs store and most of our repairs and customs are done in house so my website looks like garbage right now. BUT, email me at and i will discuss with you how i go about warranties and builds. I am 100% sure i can beat all of the above prices and will overclock for you. If you would like a cell number to talk in person just email or private message me. Look forward to working with you
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