CPU Fan Error? 2054 RPM?

Recently built my PC, and got it working and everything, but upon every boot. I get a CPU Fan Error like such below.


But the fan seems t be spinning. And the rate is pretty high above 2000 RPM


Also the CPU seems to be running at a pretty cool rate.


So I really don not know. It is in the correct slot as it shows up as the first under the monitor fan speed in the BIOS. Also there does not seem to be much heat in the case. I just want to get rid of it, because I have to hear it every time it boots and then go into the BIOS. And reset for it to actually boot the computer correctly. It seems to work fine and the temperature never goes up.
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  1. Do you use special Fan CPU cooler or case fan, since from the first booting the CPU Fan does not appear to be detected, make sure that the CPU fan cable pin stuck in motherboard CPU Fan existing text, do not you plug it in the SYS fan?
    or it may have been damaged component PWM and and fan sensors , if you possessed any other CPU fan you can try it
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