RAM Affected Program Install?

Hi guys! I fixed the problem I had (I think), but I wanted to pose this to you in case of the likelihood of a future problem it could cause, and see what your thoughts are.

Situation: I recently upgraded my PC with a SSD and additional RAM. It's a pretty nice rig now! But aside from a few troubles I had to wade through at first... the only one I got really hung up on was when I tried to install some Logitech Software for my C920 webcam, and had it tell me my system didn't meet the requirements and it couldn't install properly. I wondered what requirements it meant, since hardware wise I could install it on a different computer of lesser strength and it worked fine. I tried to figure it out: I flashed my BIOS, tried running my drives in IDE instead of AHCI (which it didn't like doing, so I switched it back), upgraded my USB hubs with updated controllers, even got a SATA RAID/AHCI driver which, in hindsight, was probably unnecessary. Couldn't figure it out! Then I took out my RAM and brought it back down to 6GB, and the thing installed fine! What?! A brief rundown of my system:

-Win7 SP 1 Home Premium x64
-P6X58D-E MB (BIOS 0701)
-Intel i7 950 Processor
-Gigabyte Geforce GTX460
-Kingston HyperX RAM DDR3 (currently 18GB)
-120GB Corsair Force 3 SSD
-1TB WD Caviar Black HDD
-500GB Samsung External HDD

So, I installed the webcam software with the 6GB of RAM placed in. I put the +12GB back in, and the program still runs fine. Interesting tidbit though: I could USE the webcam in Skype fine beforehand (drivers auto installed/were present in the camera), but the software itself just didn't like my system! Any ideas on what happened though, why the RAM interfered with the program installation? Read below for more details.

Possible Effects on Situation:
-Upgraded from 6GB RAM to 18GB RAM (running Win7 Home Premium, which limits usage to 16GB of RAM).
-(2GBx3) mixed with (4GBx3) RAM
-2GB Sticks were Kingston HyperX and 4GB Sticks were Kingston HyperX Genesis (same voltage)
- I have no idea what MB remapping is -- but saw it mentioned on some forums somewhere (it's how I got the idea to lessen my RAM for the installation)

Would you say this is something that could happen often? What would you say the likely culprit was? Should I rest my laurels on 18GB of same-ish RAM or on 12GB of the same *exact* RAM? Should I not have 18GB installed when Windows limits me to 16GB? Was it because I ate too many cookies that day and my computer was jealously vindictive? What say you? In seriousness? :)
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  1. I'm no expert but I'm pretty lost on what to do. I've heard one person say that installing too much RAM (more than your version of Windows wants) can cause performance issues: maybe this was something related to that? My computer recognizes all 18 but of course, only uses 16 -- which also makes me wonder: does that make it so I'm not running triple channel any longer? Would it be better to just go down to 12GB of RAM?

    I'm hoping some Guru out there can make sense of all this :)
  2. Just bumping the thread because the auto-email asking if my problem has been solved asked me to. And also because I still don't know the answer.

    As it is I'm running on 12GB of RAM and I took out the 6GB extra. This is because my internet was also running a bit slow with the 18GB of RAM.
  3. It seems no one has the right type of knowledge to answer this question.. sorry to hear. I won't mark it as solved but maybe someone experiencing a similar problem will see my post and see what I traced to be the problem.... it might help them. I don't know if it's the legitimate cause but hey, it worked for now :)
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