How to find wireless network security key

how do I find my security key for wireless network?
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  1. dav2750 said:
    how do I find my security key for wireless network?

    Hi dav2750,

    Try looking for a sticker on the base or back of your router with the security key on,
    for example: WEP followed by a series of letters and numbers.

    Hope this is of help to you.

    Regards keith263
  2. If you set up your network and forgot the password you used you may have to physically reset the router and redo your network. My linksys has a small reset button you use a pen to press for several seconds. Once its reset it will have a default password you can use until you set up your new network. You can look up the default password online depending on which router you have...
  3. What kind of encryption are you using? Whats the name and model of your router?
  4. bottom-o-the router most will be a long string of characters...probably 25
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