Is my CPU effecting my gaming that bad..?

Hey everyone I just wanted to say before I get into it that this forum has really helped!


GTX 580
Windows 7
Phenom IIX4 B55

I JUST installed my new GTX 580 from my HD 5770 today :) and I love it!

However I have a of the top demanding games I would say Shogun 2 Total War...I run everything on high "Besides AA/ the other one". But when I put shadows on as I was zooming in to some troops it got sorta I felt it lol I know that sounds weird.

My question my CPU the issue? When I went to "can you run it?" Shogun 2/ Mafia all said the biggest issue was CPU *Everything else passed with flying colors*

I know it cant be the card I mean...the card is amazing!.

I plan to upgrade my motherboard to a P67/ Intel I5 2500k / Hyper 212+.

Will this help?

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    RTS games tend to be quite heavy on CPU usage, so I would agree that your CPU is probably the limitation (the GTX580 certainly isn't). Just out of interest, what power supply are you using?

    Detailed shadow effects in RTS games are very unnecessary in my view. It's one of the first things I turn off to gain a few fps. You may want to tune down some details until you get the new build. Google for a graphics tuning guide for Shogun 2, they write them for most games nowadays.
  2. Ok thanks Herr ill try that!
    I actually upgraded my PSU with the card I had an old I have a 850w
  3. And yeah I turn the shadows down too I dont see any point :P...what I kinda dont like as well as...I wish it went a little smoother when Id zoom in and a large group of people are fighting each other...FPS was like 10-20 near there....

    So I am thinking it is the CPU....when ever I get my new one I can use the Hyper 212+ to oc it nice I am sure.
  4. Well with an RTS like that all the individual units as well as computing shadows for them is CPU intensive. Don't play much RTS myself honestly ^_^. Since the card isn't bogging you down you may as well try to run it with AA and AF
  5. That's quite an upgrade from a 5770 :), I'm currently using a 5770 and looking for an upgrade as well.

    Obviously with a 580, 4GB ram, the cpu is the weak link in your PC. If your performance is lacking a bit this would be the next item to upgrade imo. However, if you can get away with medium or so settings, it might be ok as is. Your assumption is correct though.
  6. Ok cool thanks guys I thought so and I do plan to get the Intel I5 and OCing it :).
  7. btw, it's been noted by a lot of other people and i personally experienced that when you zoom in while playing shogun, you get crap fps no matter what. It seems to be some sort of graphical glitch/bug so don't get your hopes too high that your upgrade will bring you a major boost.
  8. Oh ok thanks for letting me know lilotimz....hopefully that will be fixed in future updates!!
  9. yeah people with i7s have performance issues in that game. it shamefully only uses two cores, so its not using your cpu to its full potential.
  10. Run performance monitor in the background while you're playing your game and you can record whether the CPU is pegged or not and know for sure.
  11. Oh ok...where do I get that?

    Btw I know this is just a CPU topic but I highly suggest the 580 :P.
  12. lentyski said:
    Oh ok...where do I get that?

    Btw I know this is just a CPU topic but I highly suggest the 580 :P.

    OPen Resource Monitor (just type it into your Windows search box). Keep it running in the background and then have a look at the CPU graphs.
  13. oh ok thanks!
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