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Well looking at upgrading my RAM even more i currently have 4GB worth but 1GB in each slot.

I am wanting to put 2GB worth of RAM in each slot so it doubles, then i will want to sell the 4GB i have spare on eBay but how will i label these up for example i want to put them on ebay how would i put the title? would this right? (1GB DDR2 RAM 800mhz). Would that be enough information?

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  1. Hi there, u need to post the specs of the PC or mobo or laptop.

    Are u shopping in the USA?
  2. I am from the UK, I am going to use the Crucial Scanner when i come to buy some more RAM but when i come to seel some RAM i will be putting it on eBay, What information will people need would this be enough so i can put it on eBay? (1GB DDR2 RAM 800mhz)
  3. U need to post the specs to answer the question.
  4. nikorr said:
    U need to post the specs to answer the question.

    thanks i shall do when home :)
  5. Probably should add manufacturer name (ie SAMSUG, Patriot, PNY), A picture, and that they are used. Do you plan to sell them as a set, or separately? You live in the UK, but are you willing to ship to another country? ect.

    I'd personally run memtest86 with them in, and take a picture of the result to show that the RAM checks out OK, but you don't have to...
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