Is my Thermal Paste re-useable?

Hey everyone,

2-3 weeks ago I built my PC and I used thermal paste on the CPU, It said one time use but it had way too much for one time use. I applied a pea size then I just put the plastic cap onto the compound and left it in my room.

It's been around 3 weeks and I'm thinking about changing the Heatsink..
(AMD stock ones too loud.. and running at 6750 RPM constantly.)

My thermal paste sits in my room.. (my room is about 85 degrees daytime)

VERY Hot here... 105 degree daytime outside.

I was wondering if my thermal paste is still usuable.. I did not put it in a plastic bag to seal it or whatver, just putted the cap on and left it there.

My question is do I have to buy another thermal compound or can I use the one I have now.. sitting in my room for 3 weeks with 85-90 degree daytime.

Or do I have to go out and buy another one.. (It was $9.99.) ..

Extra question: An answer on this would be awesome.

My Stock fan is running at 6750 RPM constantly.. I went into BIOs and set the level down a notch. (From Lv9 MAX to Lv6.) So on idle it runs around 4500RPM~5500RPM.
When I got a game it boosts all the way to 6750 RPM and my CPU just roars so loudly.

Cool'n quiet [enabled]

Now I'm planning on getting a HSU.. even though I don't want to.. another $40. How low should I set my CPU fan speed before my CPU fries up?

Goes from level 9 - 1. Higher level = higher fan speed.

right now,

Level 6

Idle - 4500-4800 RPM

With MMORPG that can run smooth on Pentitum 4 CPU - 6500-6750 RPM


This is when my PC is idle.
and has my specs on it.

I really don't want to buy another $40 heatsink D:

MOBO, CPU, etc all in picture.
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  1. Yeah heatsink compound is "re-usable" in the sense that the tube can be used for multiple applications. Remember that a "pea size" is actually too large, and a BB-bullet size is more like it.
  2. You want just enough to cover the area of connection just between heatsink/CPU... i normally use a folded piece of paper to spread a very thin layer.

    How do you sit on your computer gaming in 85+ degree temps? that would be horrible!
  3. Its not reuseable but you can use whats still in the tube after its been opened. Also you can most likely get the temps down a bit by lowering the CPU voltage in the bios
  4. disable cool'n quiet the look at your temp,running a phenom 11 720x3 and my temp are around yours.
  5. Well like they said, if it's in a closed tube then yes you can certainly use it again. I don't know how long the shelf life is but I've used compound months after purchase (although I keep in in a fairly cool place ~20C).

    Make sure you fully remove the used paste from the CPU though, ideally with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a non particulating cloth (I use one of the LCD wipe cloths for this, because I have 2).
  6. what do you mean reusable?thermal paste came from a plastic bottle, if you close it tightly, so you can used it again, as long as the thermal paste is not harden...
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