Install windows 7 thunder k8w s2885

I'm upgrading from XP 64 to windows 7 on my Tyan Thunder K8W S2885.
I've found the silicon image sata drivers that windows 7 install seems to like, however on the first reboot during install procedure the system blue screens after the new windows 7 logo comes up.
(microsoft upgrade advisor said the hardware was compatible with the upgrade )

Has anybody had similar experience or solved this problem ? There seems to be no info on bios upgrade on the tyan website - I presume because the board is no longer supported.

thanks for any pointers,
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  1. Well Richard, it could be a lots of things.

    Post your system specs, like RAM details, PSU .....
  2. Are u upgrading or doing clean install?
  3. I'm upgrading.
    Specs :
    tyan k8w S2885
    2 x dual core amd 280 cpu
    radeon 9200 se graphics card
    3 gb ram
    akasa 850 power max psu
    couple of cheap dvd drives and floppy
    maxtor 6 B300S0 sata 120 gb

    I've backed up everything so could do a clean install.
    One other thing is i'm running the machine as dual boot to linux. The windows 7 install seems to have inserted it's own boot loader but kindly allows me to select 'previous version of windows' which then seems to allow me to choose from my old boot menu - ie linux or xp64.

    I'm not sure if the dual boot thing is an issue because I did get the windows 7 logo so it looks like it was trying to boot up from a windows 7 image.

    hope that's enough ?

  4. nikorr said:
    Are u upgrading or doing clean install?

    Looking at the tyan site I might conclude that upgrading to win7 is a bit optimistic. I have the v2.07 bios which is the latest for the S2885 Tyan Thunder K8W - it only claims to support up to windows server 2003.
    The harddrive is somewhat antiquated too - maxtor drive detect software doesnt recognize serial no. so I can not tell if I might need a firmware upgrade but somehow doubt it.

    I would be delighted to try a clean install but getting the (apparently common) media problem when copying install files from dvd.

  5. ok i've got the answer
    the problem is not the motherboard it' the graphics card. the radeon 9200 is not supported after xp.
    i'll either get a cheap new card or perhaps do some real retail therapy and get a newbox ... naah....
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