Will there be sufficient airflow for a crossfire set-up?

Hi, recently I have been looking into adding an additional HIS HD 5770 to my current set-up. However, I have noticed that in my current case (NZXT HUSH) that there will only be about a 1 cm gap between the future additional card and the floor of my case. My main concern is that as the graphics card will be facing down, and thus the intake fan will be also facing down, the card will struggle to intake enough air to keep it cool.

So does anyone know whether it will struggle with the air intake and run too hot?

Also, the HUSH case only has two case fans, and my current graphics card does not have an exhaust vent but the one I may purchase does. Should I have the rear case fan running slower to create positive pressure in the case allowing the hot air produced from the new card to vent out the back, rather than flowing through the case and through my cpu cooler, heating that up two?

(I currently control both of these fans with Speed Fan through one 3 pin connection [and a splitter] so to slow down a fan I will have to use a 3 pin, 12V to 9V cable)

Sorry that this may be long winded, but some advice would be much appreciated,

Thank you

btw I don't over clock anything
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  1. I normally wouldn't install twin GFX cards in anything less than a full tower case. But the 5770's aren't all that powerful so I doubt it will be much of an issue in your mid tower. Tho, two 120mm fans is a little light for twin GFX.

    I'd put the new card (which exhausts outside) on the bottom so all that heat doesn't wind up between.

    I wouldn't worry all that much about slowing anything down. The fact is, the air coming into a case must exactly match the amount coming out of the case or it would either explode or implode. If more passes thru the intake fan than the exhaust, the rest gets pushed out thru the grilles and visa versa. Much to much is made about negative / positive pressure .... it's only an issue if you have air inlet filters. If you don't have inlet filters, the dust comes right thru the fans and pressure don't mean anything.

    If anything, I'd try and get some auxilliary cooling either from bay coolers or slot cooler (or both).

  2. Case only has 2 fans?1 front and 1 rear?
    Just make sure the front fan is blowing air in and the rear is blowing out.I just looked at your case and i would be sure to leave that front door open all the time to maximze the air intake on the front fan.

    Usally their is little space between a crossfire setup.Just enough air is able to get to the fan.Usally the top card will be slightly warmer but in your case it will be the bottom.As long as the front fan is working properly you should have no problems.
  3. How comfortable do you feel modding side intake fans on the panal of that case?

    Thats what I would do.
  4. Even drilling a few holes would enough.
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