2 internet connections

I have seen other answers to this and have no idea....

I have 2 internet connections, one ADSL and is plugged from the phone line to the router/modem thing and then by Ethernet to my computer and the other is a wireless stick internet thing for use on the go and plugged in via USB. I want to have both plugged into my computer and both working but i have no idea how.

I have windows vista ultimate.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Like working as in combining connection speeds?
    I also have seen a lot of post asking about this, so far I haven seen any solution, that is for a normal home user
  2. lol i would just be happy with it using both with out combining speeds...with out turning off the home network i don't seem to be able to get the wireless internet to work.

    I have the home network set up with an xbox 360 which i watch media on the TV with so i always want this network set up. It also has an internet connection that slows to 64kbps when i exceed 50 gb in a month. I want the wireless internet to connect without disconnecting my home network and i want it to be used automatically if it's speed is currently better than the ADSL without having to change settings...I don't know if this is possible but it's what i am after
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