Just recieved an RMA of 570gtx

Well, I bought i 570 gtx and the gpu usage was below 20%, any game...with this system spec:

Core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.00 ghz
800mhz ddr2 4gb ram

Now I recieved an RMA of a 570 gtx (I'm using a 5850 atm) but I recieved a new sealed 570 gtx(The other 570 gtx came inside a carboard box, this new one comes in a plastic clam shell).

BUT now I got this system:

Phenom II x4 965 BE @3.6 Ghz
DDR3 4gb ram 1333mhz

I'm scared of having another 570 faulty....so should I keep the 5850 and sell the 570 gtx or viceversa?

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  1. Are you sure the other GTX 570 was faulty? Did you change the power saving setting in Nvidia control panal? On my cards if I have it on adaptive performance the GPU usage nevers goes up, so I have to select perfer maximum performance (or something like that).
  2. I tried that with the E8400 and many other stuff...nothing solved it.

    I believe it was either a faulty gpu or my cpu was making a huge bottlneck because I just tried Dead Space 2 and it's giving me 250 fps inside buildings and around 110 fps in open areas.

    GPU usage is around 85%...doing the prefer maximum performance increase the FPS?
  3. You should focus on your FPS, not your GPU usage. This will be different for different conditions. If you are able to play at high FPS, then keep the card and game on.
  4. lol. to me 85% gpu usage is equal to the game utulize the gpu very well or 100% utilizing the GPU :P. just like matto17secs said you should care more about your FPS not the gpu usage. different games will utilize the gpu differently. for games that rely heavily on GPU then 80%-99% gpu usage is the norm. but for the ones that rely heavily on cpu they might use less. as you for your dropped frame rates in dead space 2 i think that is because in open area there are more stuff to render.combine with light, shadow and draw distance all this will add more to calculation for your gpu hence drop in frame rates is to be expected. but 110fps is still way more than acceptable in my book
  5. It could possibly be the drivers try rolling back drivers and see if that helps, or update the drivers if you havent done so.
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