My possible 1000€ build

So after reading a lot of reviews i finally decided to buy these parts and i'm just wondering if there are any problems with this setup or are there any better parts in the same price range. Advice appreciated :)

Aus P8P67 mobo
Samsung 1TB F3EG, 3.5", 5400rpm, 32MB
Corsair 2 x 4GB, DDR3 1600MHz
Core i5 2500K
AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB
Corsair 950W 950TX ATX2.2 80 Plus Bronze
Cooler master Elite 430 ATX case

I'm going to get an another 6970 in crossfire someday when i have money again:)
I also might try to overclock the 2500k with some help from my friend
So is the psu enough for all that, And am i going to need a better cooling system? :bounce:

Thanks in advance :bounce:
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    That all looks very good except for a couple of things. Your HDD is VERY slow. Look for one that is at least 7200rpm.
    The 950TX is way good enough for CrossFireX 6970s.
    Lastly, If you are going to overclock, you will need a CPU cooler (heatsink)
  2. a good cpu cooler is:

    I agree with EPbaseballer14 get at least one that is 7200rpm.
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