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I experience huge problem with my internet connection. It started 2 months ago when speed all of a sudden drops to 2-5 mb/s when its suppose to be ~30 mb/s. I called Cable and they sent me technician 3 TIMES and it seemed like I know more than they do hardware related. First time guy swapped modems with the newest that increased my speed by ~7 mb/s but the issue was there on the other day. So I called them again and on the next day speed was fine when he came, checked all of my connections and the signal was great. As soon as he left speed dropped 10 times. So 3rd time technician came and the speed was ~3 mb/s - he checked signal and it was 7 with 9 being highest. The speed went back to normal right in front of him, he swapped modems with the older version of modem. I ruled out the possibility of the problem being a router as I have bad speed when connected directly through modem and also my computer as I reinstalled OS and ran speed test on other computer with same results. I still experience this issue and hope that you might help me. Here is a screenshot with my speedtest results
Thank You.
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  1. wait so your speed just drops over time yes... if it does.... are you far away from the exchange first?
  2. Yes, it drops all of a sudden and I dont understand your question.
  3. whats your downlaod speed (test on

    im trying to see if the drop outs are caused from being to far away from the exchange..
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