Dlink WBR1310 problems

I have a dlink wbr1310 wireless router and it seem to restart everytime the number of connections increase (start torrent client, another notebook connects), it was not very often but now its borderline unbearable.

it is connected most of the time to 2 notebooks through the wireless, and a desktop pc (rarely used) by cable.

everytime a new notebook connects it restarts(turn off and on), loosing the connection to the net (takes a few minutes to restore).

i've tried many things, diferent configurations, reseted it many times, the only thing i've yet to try is update the firmware (i'm a little scared to do it, but my patience is running out).

I've tested the same configuration with a borrowed router (TP-Link) and it worked flawlessly. I also tested the modem connected directly to my notebook while doing an ad-hoc wireless (basicaly made my notebook into a router) and it also worked fine.

so i've run out of ideas to try, and was hopping someone could shed a light in the situation.
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  1. Maybe time to get a new router
  2. that is the last solution, before that i want to find someway to make this one work, if I have to toss this away i will try everything to make it work or give up completly.
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