Asus P8P67 Evo AS5 ?

I had recently just installed a water loop in my system i have yet to power it up as i have ran into a leak and am waiting the parts to fix it. I took off my heat sinks on the motherboard and painted them to change the look of the mobo. when i re installed i used arctic silver 5. what i didn't realize till now is that it is conductive. Should i remove the heat sinks and wipe off the thermal paste ?? or will it be ok ?
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  1. Ummm... I am not sure how well a painted heat-sink is going to conduct heat.

    If they are aluminum you can anodize them Don't know how painting affect watercooled heatsinks though???
  2. should remove the paint
  3. I understand the paint kind of defeats the main purpose of the heat sink it self, that is not what i am worried about. I am worried about the thermal paste i used on the heatsink being electronically conductive.

    its the black one . I want to know if i should remove and put different thermal paste on it or if it will be ok. it is Arctic Silver 5
  4. using the arctic silver 5 on cpu is good ,but this black part with asus why you want put cooling paste on
  5. because when i removed it to paint it i had to remove the old thermal paste and reapply new paste. I used AS5 but am concerned it might short circuit the board.
  6. just check if there is no paint between this cooler and the other parts on the board that could interfer with the paste,in you board manual what is that part use to
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